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  Welcome to the Rio Office special page about the World Cup 2014. As Cariocas, we would like to share with you a few things about our experiences during the World Cup. Rio Office staff are taking photographs in their neighborhoods to capture the spirit of the games here in Rio.

  Many Brazilians are reveling in the joy of competitive sport at the highest level and the national pride that goes along with it. People are celebrating by wearing green & yellow clothes. Window displays in shops are featuring their wares only in green & yellow. City blocks are festooned with pennants, flags, and streamers running from apartment building to apartment building and the streets are painted with the faces of famous football players.

  Below, you will see both this national pride as well as concern for the cost of the games. The Rio Office will photograph what we see, whether pro-Copa or anti-Copa. We're also posting links to websites and blogs related to the World Cup.


 Images From Rio

  June 8 - Rua Honório de Barros - Flamengo

  June 12 - Rua Alzira Brandão - Tijuca

  June 14 - Cidade de Cabo Frio - RJ

 Sites Related to World Cup

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Updated on June 16, 2014